Wilma Vernocchi
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Wilma Vernocchi
Wilma Vernocchi
Welcome to Wilma Vernocchi's new site
The debut:
... Of Wilma Vernocchi, the Carolina of the occasion, it is enough to say that this year, she has won three or four of those competitions dedicated to the hopes of Opera. Here, in the "Matrimonio Segreto" she was perhaps a little wasted, as we are dealing with, not a Light Soprano, but rather with a bright and vibrant Lyric: we became aware of this when, in the farewell concert, she sang exquisitely Liu's touching aria from Turandot. But to go back the remark made previously, the young Wilma is seriously born for the theatre, and we'll talk about her again.
Eugenio Gara in the weekly "L'Europeo"

She remains one of the most refined and sensitive Operatic interpreters, a difficult art which she loves dearly, and which sees her today, still a protagonist, as Singer and Teacher.
... "This long, not easy Operatic experience has anyhow given me very very much. The Theatrical enviroment is marvellous, I can say that there my whole life has taken place, lived like I intended. Outside of the enviroment of the stage one is more inclined to appear; we, in front of the public must "be", must give the best of ourselves. When the curtain opened there was I, on the stage, with my anxieties, my complexes, my doubts and my difficulties. This is the beauty of the Theatre, of Opera, of Art." ...
Roberto Zoli in the monthly "Forlì-in Magazine"

E-mail: wilmavernocchi@gmail.com

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Lirica Oggi
Follow us on the Web in the television programme LIRICA OGGI. A fascinating voyage in the world of Opera in the company of soprano Wilma Vernocchi and her Guests:

Cà zen 2017 Comunicato concerti

From 28 July to 6 August 2017
we will all be at Ca Zen for The Advanced Masterclass/Seminar for Opera Singers Maria Adelaide Avanzo will be our host in her splendid 18th century villa, the "Tenuta Ca Zen"
where Lord Byron would meet his beloved Teresa Gamba Guiccioli.
Ca Zen is situated on the delta of the river Po,near Venice.
Two public concerts will bring to a close the vocal course:
"Opera under the stars" at Adria
Friday 4 August 2017, at 21.00.

Adria, the ancient Roman city which gave its name to the Adriatic Sea.

"Grand Opera Gala" - Taglio di Po, in the fairytale park of Ca Zen
Sunday 6 August 2017, at 21.00.

The protagonists of these concerts will be the singers registered for the seminar.

Enclosed please find the programme of the course and list of events

Programa seminario

Calendario eventi

Festival di Rapla in Estonia

VIII International Rapla Singers’ Summer School information

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